Like a Boss by Logan Chance

Title: Like a Boss
Author: Logan Chance
Theo Sullivan is the new boss of The Lopa, a classy tiki bar in the heart of South Beach, Miami. 
Little does he know, a certain bartender doesn’t think he has what it takes to make it. 
Personalities collide as Penelope Marks goes against the boss and tries her hardest to defy him. 
Theo is determined to be a success. 
Penny is determined not to lose. 
What happens if these two get more than they bargained for? 
What if the one person you want more than ever is the one person you hate even more?

Logan Chance delivers to us a scorching hot romance like a fucking boss. ⬅ You like what I did there, huh?
Anywho, Logan is one of the few erotic male romance authors I've read and I have to say, he done an awesome job at keeping my attention with his storytelling. I loved watching not only the sexy encounters between Penelope and Theo but their banter and romance as well.
Theo is a sexy and confident man who goes after what he wants. And he'd like another go with his Silver Siren he just can't seem to find her. Penelope is a gorgeous woman who can't seem to forget the Lord of her O's. The back and forth between these two keep the story flowing and the sexual tension high.
I'm not going to say a lot about this book or it's plot because I refuse to ruin it. Just be warned. You'd better have a fan handy because this book gets hot!!
Logan also manages to throw in a small dose of suspense so that by the end, when you see those words. You know, the dreaded "To Be Continued", you'll be yelling up a storm saying, " For real, Logan? You leave me hanging like that? What the hell?"
So, yeah. Its safe to say I am over here impatiently waiting for October 6th.
Go forth and read, my lovelies.
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