Pour Your Heart Out by Zoe Lee

Title: Pour Your Heart Out
Author: Zoe Lee

Chase Cade is as untethered as a kite without a string. The minute she drives past the “Welcome to Maybelle” sign after six months traveling, she knows the quaint little town is something new entirely. It’s more than the good food and welcoming people -- with the exception of the gruff bartender she meets her first night out. Aden Riveau couldn’t be more rooted in Maybelle if he were an actual tree. In a town that caters to tourists, his bar is the only place the locals have all to themselves. Everyone knows him and he knows everyone, and nothing spoils his peace more than having to deal with nosy, gawking tourists who don’t stick around. She’s only in Maybelle for a vacation, and he’s never taken a vacation in his life. He can’t stop thinking about how different she is, and she can’t stop trying to figure him out. But her reservation has an end, and his never will, unless he can find a way to pour his heart out.

What happens when your family and best friend stage an intervention for the way you're living your unhappy life?
You take their advice.
Chase has been living a miserable existence. She hates her job and she's not happy with her boyfriend. She is unhappy and has no clue how much those around her notice. Until they stage an intervention on her behalf. Taking their advice, she quits her job, dumps her boyfriend and hits the road. She's traveled all over the world. Her last stop being Maybelle. A quaint little town that she falls in love with.
Aden has lived in Maybelle his whole life. He's been with the same woman for almost his whole life. Since he was 16 anyways. He doesn't like change and he doesn't like nosy tourists. After finding out his long term relationship was such a farce, Aden is doing his best to come to terms with his life. He doesn't need his attraction to a tourist to get in the way of that. No matter how hot she is. Or how nice. Or how much her mouth makes his body tremble.
I loved these two characters. They're both trying their best to put their life back on track. Chase is quiet. Guarded. Her previous self, the self she's trying to get back to, she was friendly. Outgoing. Flirtatious. And always had a smile. Aden is the serious one. He's brash. He's rude. He doesn't know how to flirt or talk to women. I loved Aden and all his ways. Being with one woman,no matter how toxic she was, endeared me to him.
No matter how much I loved him though, I would get so aggravated with him. Here's this beautiful woman wanting desperately to know him better and all he does it keep hurting her. With careless words. With his grumpy attitude. Until she can't handle it anymore.
I loved watching these two argue, makeup and then find their footing in the relationship. It was sweet. It was sexy. It was cute. I was left with a warm feeling in my chest and a happy smile on my face. Zoe Lee does an awesome job at writing memorable characters that you wish you knew. A town that you fall in love with. And a storyline that leave you wanting more.
Go forth and read, my lovelies.
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