The Junkyard Boys by SH Richardson

Title:The Junkyard Boys
Author: SH Richardson

Range Reardon
Filth, dirt, and hunger. That was my life before I stumbled across a junkyard with a closed sign out front when I was twelve years old. Born the son of a drunk and left to fend for myself, I was lost until I was found. Buck Calhoun was an ex-biker struggling with his own demons from his past. He didn’t want me, but I needed him. My persistence paid off and I became one of his junkyard boys. He taught me how to be a man, how to fight, how to survive. He became my mentor, my friend, and my father. He gave us all he could until he had nothing else to offer. 
Clover Benjamin
A black sheep, an outcast, and a joke. I don’t fit into my perfect family. They’re a bevy of beauties with outgoing personalities and bubbly personas. I on the other hand, don’t look like them, speak like them, or act like them, but I’ll always be me. I spend my evenings watching classic television while working towards buying my own car. I’m boring. I don’t date, nor do I socialize. That all changes when a sexy Adonis saves me from certain death at the hands of a mutant insect. His masculine beauty takes my breath away, but I know I’ll bore him. The only problem is, he won’t take no for an answer. 
New-found love is tested and all hell breaks loose when a stranger from Buck’s past brings danger to the junkyard, threatening the only home they’ve ever known. 


Once again I am happy to report that another new author has blown me away, AGAIN, with her debut novel. I loved The Junkyard boys and all they had to offer. First off, let's talk real quick about the characters. Don't worry. I'll try not to spoil them for you.
Clover Benjamin. She feels like she's the oddball in her family. She's not beautiful like them. She doesn't date like them. And the worst part? Her sisters call her M&M. As in the Milk Man's daughter. To get away from them, she takes the job at the Foster's candy shop. She just needs to save enough money. Climbing on Range's back to keep from being killed by the mutant spider WAS NOT part of the plan though.
Range Reardon. He thought for sure someone was being stupid by trying to attack his back. He's not a pussy. Buck raised him better than that. He just didn't expect that person to come in the form of beautiful Clover Benjamin. She's gorgeous, sweet and always smells like a tootsie pop or roll. They both smell the same. Range is finally ready to settle and who better to do that with than his tootsie baby. But can she really settle for someone with a past full of revenge?
Max. *sigh* Max is my beautiful broken man. I think that even though he is never alone he is lonely. His mind is just a little fucked up from whatever demons he has in his past. He's the type of man I want to wrap in my arms and try to piece back together. Sorry, ladies. But he's mine. All his beautiful broken pieces.
Sebastian. Aka "Drama" as the boys like to call him. He's broken in his own little way. He's quirky and has a knowledge for everything. He's adorable and you can't help but love him.
Buck. He's the father these boys never had but one that they needed. He carries the burden of each of their pasts because he loves them. Buck also has a past and demons of his own he tries to fight on a daily basis.
Marcie. Gah! I don't even know where to start with this manipulative little woman. She's a bitch and I hate her. Okay. Hate is a strong word. I dislike her with a passion. She's vindictive and spiteful. Let's just say if I had a banana I'd totally shove it up her ass! 
Fox. He owns the tattoo shop next door to the candy shop. <I totally just sung that part in my head for some reason. Don't judge me.> He does his best to look after Clover when she walks to and from work. A good friend of Range's. He's also another sweet man that you can't help but want to keep to yourself.
Julian. Aka "Craze" His nickname pretty much sums him up. But I also feel like he should get his story told so we can understand him like Clover does. *Hint. Hint Sharon*  I mean if Clover likes him, there has to be some good in him. Right?
Now on to the story.
The romance between Range and Clover was as steamy as it was sweet. It made me sigh and it made me swoon. He has a past he's not proud of and he worries how Clover will handle it. Especially since his brother Max keeps a part of that past around. So, while Clover does her best to understand it is a hard pill for her to swallow. It's not easy for her though. These two, while they have their own issues to work through, love each other deeply. It's beautiful. It's spicy. It's real. It's one you fight for.
The best part about this story? Not only to we get heat and romance, SH throws in enough suspense that it'll leave you intrigued. You'll be turning the pages to keep up and before you know it you'll be spitting curses because you've reached the end. I'm sad that I reached the end of the book but excited to see what's in store for Sebastian. He's up next, ladies. And as much as I love Max, I'm not ready for his story yet because I know SH is going to shred my heart.
Go forth and read, my lovelies!
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