Impressions of You by Christopher Harlan

Title: Impressions Of You
Author: Christopher Harlan
Genre: Contemporary Romance

From the outside Wesley Marsden has it all: wealth, good looks, and a genius level IQ, but these qualities hide the depths of his complexity. While he’s a man who’s strong, confident, and in control, he’s also a man obsessed with solving a family mystery and dealing with personal demons that have plagued his relationships for years.

Mia Careri is a special needs teacher; a woman who’s devoted her life to the care and education of other people’s children. Funny, beautiful, and intelligent, she has a job she loves and close friends who are like her family, but something is missing. A slew of failed relationships have her yearning for that connection, that feeling of intense love – the perfect man to have a future with.

When by chance or by fate, Mia and Wesley encounter one another in the most unlikely of settings, they realize that they might be each other’s salvation. As their fates collide over the course of a few months, neither of them will ever be the same again.


Christopher Harlan didn't just step in the literary world, he busted the damn door down. He knows how to write a story that will keep you engaged and turning them pages. His characters are well thought out with a depth that surprised me. The romance is beautiful, heartwarming and poignant. While most of the time the instant feelings are a hard concept to pull off, Christopher done it brilliantly. He not only made it believable but real.
Mia has insecurities that many women face but she powers through them because Wesley is there to help her. He's the most genuine, caring man a woman could ask for. Mia is a sweetheart. She doesn't hide her feelings for Wesley at all.
I loved watching these two come together. They wasn't afraid to put their feelings out there. Wesley has a lot of struggles he does his best to overcome because of his past. It was sweet to know that Mia helped with that. There were some encounters that was a little spicy but gently sweet.
Christopher, you done an outstanding job with your debut novel. You kept the story flowing with love, laughter and intrigue. You have a fan in me forever now.
Until Next Time,