Book Review: The Arrogant Architect by LK Collins

Title: The Arrogant Architect
Author: LK Collins
Hotness: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kingsley Lennox, AKA King, has been dubbed a genius of the architectural world. Anything he touches turns to gold, and being as successful as he is, his work is his number one priority. He doesn’t have time to date or deal with the slew of women that gawk at him just because of his perfect face and chiseled body. Plus, no one has interested him enough to give a shit, until the smart mouthed Everly Adams, AKA Ever, wakes to the noise of him restoring the building next door to hers. 
Ever, like King, doesn’t have the time or the desire to date, she’s been through so much. So when she meets King, she can’t help but want nothing at all to do with the arrogant asshole. For one, they share nothing in common. For another, he’s pompous, cocky, and throws his money around as if that will win her heart. Did I mention he’s fucking crazy and very controlling? No, thank you!
But when King sets his mind to something, he accomplishes it…always has, always will. Ever is the biggest challenge he’s faced, but will she be the only person he can’t impress?
Can King win her over, all while hiding the truth about who he really is? 


I loved the story between King and Ever. I'm not going to lie though. It did take me a few chapters to actually get into it.
Everly Adams lost her mom 6 years ago and she's still trying to come to terms with the loss. Everyday is a struggle. One of the few things she has to look forward to every year is her birthday. It's the one day she feels like her mom is still with her. Until King buys the building next door and starts restoring it. In the early morning. When she's trying to sleep. Needless to say, Ever is pissed and she let's King know it with her feisty attitude and insults. The man is cocky and arrogant. She has not time for that.
Kingsley Lennox is arrogant, a tad controlling and cocky. He also is use to getting what he wants. And he wants Ever. She's challenged him as no one has before. He can't impress her with his money and definitely not with his arrogance. When she insulted his favorite pair of shoes, her fate was sealed. He has to have more of her and her snarky attitude. Things aren't always as they seem and there is a reason King tries to control the uncontrollable chaos in his life, though.
LK weaves us a tale of two people trying to deal with the struggle and strife of being who they are. A tale full of love and laughs. A tale full of attitude and insults. A tale that will set your sheets on fire and angst that will make your heart wrench. She allows you to be able to connect with her characters and eventually understand them.
I think I connected more with King in this story than I ever have with a hero. It's easy for me to understand the way his brain works and his need to try to control the chaos in his life. Plus, who doesn't love a man covered in tattoos and wearing a suit?
I also want to give a round of applause to LK for delving into subjects that are hard for most people to understand unless they've dealt with them. She shows us that grief is real. That the uncontrollable chaos is a daily battle for some. She portrayed it in a real and believable way.
All in all, The Arrogant Architect, is a steamy read that will leave you panting for more King. If you've not read this yet, you're definitely missing out. Grab a fan and a glass of cold water because it's one that'll leave you parched.
Go forth and read, my lovelies.
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