Review Policy

Hello Authors and Publishers! If you would like for me to do a review for you please feel free to contact me here.

 ★What will I review?

I will read and review almost anything. I do have a hard time getting into Dystopian and most Historical Romances. So you might be better off asking someone else to review a book of that genre. Contemporary Romance, YA, NA, Dark Romance and Paranormal Romance are my favorites. I tend to click with them more. I'm fine with most erotica as long as there is a story behind it. I'm also okay with Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, etc. If you're not sure whether I'd be a good fit for your book just send me a message and we can discuss it.

How Do I Rate?

I will be rating with the 5 star system. I do rate with half stars. All that half stars means is that the book was just missing a little something to push it the other half of the star. Below is how my stars will go and what they mean.

             Absolutely Loved!          

You're good. Could be better.
I don't like it!
What did I just read?!?
I will very rarely rate a book below a 3 star. My ratings will ALWAYS be fair and honest.  I will not write a 5 star review just because that is what you're looking for. If that is what you're looking for then you're at the wrong girl. At the beginning of my review I will also rate the hottness level of the book so people will know. That way if it's too steamy for them they can choose to skip the parts or skip the book. Below is my hottness rating and what they mean.

 Where can you find my reviews?

I post my reviews here on my blog first. After that they will go to our Facebook page and our Goodreads account. If you'd like them posted to Amazon please state that when you ask me to review your book.

☆ Any pictures I use for my reviews and my blog will be retrieved from the internet unless I use my own. If you use any of my personal pictures please make sure to credit me with them. Thanks!



  1. Hello Tears and Lipstick Smears:

            I thought you'd might enjoy a free advanced release e-copy of the brand new sci-fi fantasy comedy 11,984.  This is not a conventional novel. It contains a lot of creative innovations, including punctuation from the future. 

            Thousands of years in the future, humanity has finally eradicated war, poverty, and all forms of human suffering. With no problems or unanswered questions remaining in the world, everyone is bored out of their minds, that is until the sun starts putting on a light show, the first warning sign it's getting ready to supernova!

           Our heroes from the year 11,984 are your typical family of two mothers, three fathers, a couple of kids, and plenty of robots. Fun-loving Troll, so called because of her giant troll doll hair(They don't have names in the future, or wear clothes) is the world's leading hydrologist/interior decorator, whose plans to retire quickly change when faced with the drought to end all droughts. Bulb, bald head glowing like a lightbulb, is the cranky Minister of Rational Thought. His faith in science is tested by the total collapse of society. Last but not least is Litterbot, the clumsy garbagebot who gets no respect, and whose highest priority--to clean--is frustrated by a world without messes. 

           As the family works on building an escape spaceship, the sun bombards them in changing colors, which unbeknownst to them causes radiation insanity. The sky colors keep growing stronger, and these totally peaceful people are at each other's throats. It gets so bad their bodies mutate (which helps them work faster) and world computer crashes (forcing them to read primitive paper books, and rely more on Litterbot.) Will they launch before getting smashed to pieces? 

          My first humor novel, Foxavier and Plinka, was published in 2013, and is also available.

    May I email the complete 11,984 manuscript of 75,000 words?

    Thank you.

    Scott Evans

    15 Savannah St., Rochester NY


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